Wednesday, August 6, 2008


First up we are installing Windows Server 2008 Enterprise on all systems.

Start by booting from the DVD.

On the first screen we changed the settings to:

Language: English
Time and Currency Format: English (Australian)
Keyboard or Input Method: US

Then clicked Next.

After this you are prompted with which version of Server 2008 you are installing.

We selected:

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (Full Installation) X86

Then you click next, and agree to the license terms and clicked next.

Now as this is a fresh installation so the "upgrade" option is disabled, so you simply pick the 'Custom (Advanced)" option and continue.

The next page is your partitioning page, we have chosen to use the entire 40GB just for server 2008.

Once partitioning is complete, simply click next and go get a coffee as the windows setup will now copy the image off the DVD to the HDD as it installs Windows Server 2008.

The same method works for the Windows Vista Business client, except of course you select 'Windows Vista Business' when asked for which version you are installing.

When Windows Server 2008 has completed installation you get prompted with this:

You must change the administrator password as it has not been set yet.

Once the password has been set, you have completed Windows Server 2008 installation!


So we set all our gear up and it looks like this:

On the left we have the four servers all on the KVM for easy access.

On the right we have the client on its own setup for easy access.


So this is a list of the current pieces of hardware that we have been given for our test setup.

Windows 2008 System (x4):

IBM Netvista 6826-KMM
- 2.20ghz Intel Celeron
- 40gb IDE HDDs
- 512mb DDR-266
- Intel 10/100 Pro Network (onboard)

Windows Vista System (x1):

Custom Built ATX Tower
- 3.4ghz Intel Pentium 4
- 80gb SATA HDD
- 2048mb DDR-400
- 100mbit onboard network

Other hardware:
- ATEN "Master View" 4-Port KVM
- Netgear FS108 8-Port 100mbit switch
- HP L1706 17" LCD (Running on KVM)
- IBM E74 17" CRT (Running on Client)
- PS2 Keyboard and Mouse x2

To come:
- Some form of a Cisco router.

What we have been given:
- 1x RJ45 Cat5 cable which has access to the internet via it.


Well welcome to the blog.

This is a weekly journal that I am required to complete as part of some study I am doing. So while creating this blog I hope I may be able to help some other people out there or even get comments from other IT admins for possible better methods of implementing things!

This is the blog of the implementation of a Windows 2008 Domain and Windows Vista clients.